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It’s all right here – video and photos that capture the essence of Ambit Energy! Take a few minutes to browse around, and you’ll hear inspiring words from our co-founders, see exciting footage from our annual AMBITION events, and much more.

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AMBITION 2016, Day 1

Ambit Energy Consultants from across America came together to kick off four days of training, networking, fun, prizes and inspiration. For many, the first big event was the traditional golf tournament. We also had our first ever Strike Out Hunger event benefitting Ambit Cares. While these great events were going on, many other Consultants were checking in and touring the booths and Ambit Store at the Energy Center. Finally, everyone gathered for the Kick-Off Event, where we looked back on 10 years of Ambit   Launch AMBITION 2016, Day 1

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AMBITION 2011: Jere Thompson, Jr. Keynote Address

Co-Founder Jere Thompson, Jr. shares his memories of Ambit Energy’s first years — from starting the company with Co-Founder Chris Chambless to becoming Ambit’s first Customer to earning the title “Fastest-Growing Private Company in America”  —  always with a focus on being “the finest and most-respected retail energy provider in America.” Hear Jere talk about the sense of family and community within Ambit, and how every Consultant’s story adds another chapter to the incredible history of Ambit Energy.

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