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It’s all right here – video and photos that capture the essence of Ambit Energy! Take a few minutes to browse around, and you’ll hear inspiring words from our co-founders, see exciting footage from our annual AMBITION events, and much more.

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AMBITION 2015, Day 2

Thousands of Consultants packed the Convention Center for the Opening Session as we honored some of the top achievers of the past year, heard the latest news from the corporate team and were inspired by testimonials and tips from Consultants. That evening, two All-Star Consultant teams faced off in a thrilling kickball game, followed by a concert from Live 80s and a fireworks show.   Launch AMBITION 2015, Day 2

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Ambit Energy’s Jere Thompson, Jr. at AMBITION 2013

Ambit Energy CEO and Co-Founder Jere Thompson, Jr. speaks at AMBITION 2013 about Ambit’s family-first beginnings, and what to expect following the best AMBITION ever. Ambit has come a long way, but there’s still plenty of room to grow and get better. As Jere says, “Never let good enough be good enough.”

Watch Ambit Energy’s Jere Thompson, Jr. at AMBITION 2013

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