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It’s all right here – video and photos that capture the essence of Ambit Energy! Take a few minutes to browse around, and you’ll hear inspiring words from our co-founders, see exciting footage from our annual AMBITION events, and much more.

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2013 Five-Star Photos, Bermuda

The spring, 2013 Five-Star trip to Bermuda was one of our best yet. The setting was amazing, of course – a first-class resort, tropical blue waters and perfect weather. But what made this trip so special was the people.   Launch 2013 Five-Star Photos, Bermuda

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2011 Simulcast, Jere Thompson, Jr.

Ambit Energy CEO Jere Thompson, Jr. celebrates a company milestone of obtaining 500,000 Customers. In doing so, he encourages team members to stay humble and to never sacrifice integrity for growth.

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