Marketing Your Ambit Business through Instagram

Posted by: Anna | 11/01/2016 at 09:00 AM

Marketing Your Ambit Business through Instagram

Social media isn’t just a place to connect with friends and family—it’s also a place to grow your business. Instagram offers significant advantages for Ambit Energy Consultants who want to attract prospective Customers and other Consultants. Many social media platforms require you to pay for promotions that reach your target audience. For now, though, Instagram remains one of the few sites where you can reach your audience without spending a lot of money.

Learn about the advantages of promoting your business on Instagram and how you can get started, in this edition of The Spark.

Tell Your Stories Visually

The rise of affordable technology has made our society increasingly visual—and made visual stories easier to create. Instagram requires every post to have an image. Usually, that’s a photograph or short video, but sometimes people will make a digital image out of text—a motivational quote or something similar. If you do that, be sure there’s an attractive image or visual element to go with it. Unlike Twitter, Instagram doesn’t limit the text you can post along with your image, so you can clearly communicate your thoughts.

Consider your filters, color, composition and graphics to include and what they convey about your Ambit business and personality as a Consultant. Think about how you can tell a story over a matter of days, weeks, months and even years through your profile. Every post should leave your audience anticipating what you’ll post next.

Share Your Point of View

Social media should empower you to be yourself. Take time to think about what you truly believe regarding your business and your life and how that can be reflected through your Instagram account. Your business has a heart and soul, and Instagram should help others feel that. The use of short videos can really have that impact. Think about having your downline Consultants share testimonials. Think about your Ambit Why. These are great places to start.

Think About and Create High-Quality Content

Spend time studying other brands and business owners and how they use Instagram to highlight their products. Take that inspiration to create content that is custom-fit for your business. This isn’t to say that you need content for your Instagram account that is completely different from what you post on your Facebook or Twitter accounts, but it means that you should take the time to create content that reflects the love and care you have for your business.

How to Create a Content Strategy for your Ambit Business

Creating killer content for your Instagram profile is all about asking the following questions:

  • What do you want your audience to do? As a Consultant, the answer most likely is to get people interested in asking for more information about the Ambit Energy product and/or the opportunity to become a Consultant.
  • Who do you want to speak to in each post? In reality, you can reach and speak to anyone on social media. Measurable success on a site like Instagram is all about the keywords and hashtags you’re using. Words like savings, energy, electricity, utilities, income and financial freedom fit with the industry and play to what your audience is looking for. If you have friends and/or family also in network marketing, you might check what terminology they use to drive engagement with their followers.
  • What are you trying to communicate? The Ambit story and your story go hand-in-hand. Create content that shows the benefits of being an Ambit Customer and/or Consultant and how your life has been positively changed by Ambit Energy.
  • How do you want to say it? Instagram is definitely a visual platform, but still carefully consider how to spread your message. A great caption on your post can help make your photos, videos, and graphics stand out from other profiles when someone is scrolling through their feed.

Ambit Energy Social Media Guidelines

Ambit Energy wants you to have a robust social media presence that helps grow your Ambit business. Some key dos and don’ts have been mentioned in this post. However, Ambit recommends that all Consultants review The Consultant’s Guide to Social Media to learn more about core principles for setting up and running your social media, considerations to take to heart before posting and frequently asked questions from other Ambit Energy Consultants.

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