Energy Tips: Five Green On-The-Go Gadgets

Posted by: Anna | 04/29/2014 at 11:21 AM

Energy Tips: Five Green On-The-Go Gadgets

We live in an age that relies heavily on personal technology. Seemingly every American uses a smartphone, tablet or portable music device on a daily basis. Unfortunately, most electronics harm the environment when they’re tossed out after becoming broken or outdated.

Making sure to e-Cycle your discarded electronics helps, but there are also more environmentally-friendly options out there to choose from.

Take a look at these unique, green on-the-go gadgets that help support our planet:

  • i-Ecko Eco-Friendly Speakers ($9.49). Made from recycled materials and sustainable natural fibers, these portable speakers are easy to assemble, eco-friendly and compatible with all iPods and MP3 players.
  • Jamboo Headphones ($29.99). These fashionable, long-lasting headphones are tangle-free, come with a one-year extended warranty and represent a unique and earth-friendly option.
  • IDAPT i1 Eco Charger ($29.99 at Brookstone). This handy dual charger can be used at home and in the car, and is capable of charging almost any device. In fact, it’s compatible with nearly 5000 portable devices!
  • Upcycled Rubber Tread iPadSleeve ($35 from Uncommon Goods). This lightweight sleeve, made from upcycled treadmill track and soft felt from PET bottles, keeps your personal electronics cushioned and scratch-free.
  • USB Cell Rechargeable Batteries by Moixa ($14.99). Using a built-in intelligent charger that charges via USB port, these rechargeable batteries can provide hours of power for your electronic devices.

Just because you enjoy your gadgets doesn’t mean you can’t be environmentally-conscious. Have your cake and eat it too. Make the switch to more Earth-friendly electronics.

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