How to Grow Your Small Business with Twitter

Posted by: Anna | 02/06/2017 at 09:30 AM

Grow Your Small Business with Twitter

Over the last few years, social media networks have become an important way for small business owners to communicate with their customers, as well as reaching out to new potential customers. Twitter, with its 140-character messages, has become the place for people to not only interact with their friends, but also with their favorite celebrities and brands. Creating and maintaining a good Twitter strategy is important for your business. It can help expand brand awareness, increase brand power and improve customer service.

Build a Professional Profile

The most important start to building a presence for your business on Twitter is creating a professional profile. Make sure your business information is well-written and accurate, and use graphics on your profile picture and cover photo that are customized for your Twitter account. If you’re an Independent Consultant for Ambit Energy, make sure your Twitter profile adheres to the company’s social media guidelines.

Create Twitter Campaigns

To create an effective Twitter marketing campaign, there are a few key elements to be aware of: target audience, objective, content and consistency. As with any other marketing campaign, one of the essential steps for success is to have a defined target audience. Identifying your ideal customer will increase the chances of achieving your marketing goals.

Identify Business Goals

Have a clear objective of what you want to achieve on Twitter. Your strategies will vary depending on what your campaign objectives are. Your desired results could be networking, engagement, awareness or customer service. After you define a clear business goal, you can create specific strategies and efforts to help you achieve that objective.

Develop Good Content

Creating relevant and interesting content will increase your chances of getting engagement such as likes, retweets and comments. It also helps amplify your brand’s reach to users. Twitter is limited to only 140 characters, so you need to be creative and concise with your words. Also, try including images or videos to help attract users to recognize and engage with your business.

Manage Consistency

Consistency is a key factor for creating and managing Twitter campaigns. This is not a “set it and forget it” strategy. Developing a plan and sticking to it will help maintain an engaged audience and improve the chances of reaching business goals.

Twitter is a powerful tool for any small business owner. By using Twitter to develop marketing campaigns, you can build on your business’ brand awareness and reach new customers.

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