Vacation Energy Savings: Save Watts While You’re Away

Posted by: Anna | 08/06/2013 at 03:11 PM

Vacation Energy Savings: Save Watts While You’re Away

If you’re going on vacation, there’s no reason to spend money on unnecessary energy costs. Because your home is constantly consuming electricity, these simple energy saving tasks will help you save watts (and dollars) while you’re away. Before you leave, take time to do a walkthrough of your home with the following tips in mind.

Water Heater

Heating water can account for 14-25% of the energy consumed in your home. If you’re going to be away for more than three days, set your water heater to “low” or “vacation mode” to save on energy costs.


Even if you’re not using them, plugged-in electronic devices are still using electricity. In fact, the average home contains 40 devices that are constantly drawing power. Before you go out of town, plug your electronics into power strips and then turn the power strips off. This will reduce the amount of “phantom power” that’s racking up your energy bill.

Window Treatments

Windows can be responsible for over 25% of your heating and cooling costs. For this reason, to reduce summer heat gain, winter heat loss and for added security, close your blinds and curtains before you leave on vacation.

Lighting Timers

For security purposes, you may want to leave lights on while you’re away. To decrease the cost of this safety measure, install timers on the lights you would like to be on during evening hours, and save. Depending on the type you need – manual or in-wall – lighting timers can range from $15 to $60 online or at your local home improvement store.

Heating and Cooling

Before you head out of town, set your thermostat to 60 degrees in cooler months, or 85 degrees in warmer months. If you don’t have a programmable thermostat, be sure your unit is set to “auto,” not “on.”

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