am·bi·tion /amˈbiSHən/ - a strong desire to do or to achieve something, typically requiring determination and hard work.  A desire and determination to achieve success.

At Ambit Energy, it’s no coincidence that our annual conference is called AMBITION. Every fall, Independent Consultants from across the U.S. come together in Dallas for an amazing three days of motivational, professional and personal development. Plus, there are phenomenal awards and recognition for their achievements during the past year – not to mention tons of Texas-sized FUN! And with attendance and excitement growing every year, this event serves as the catalyst that turbocharges our Consultants on their road to success. And it’s the one Ambit event that Consultants don’t want to miss!


AMBITION 2015: Discover

AMBITION 2015 was an amazing opportunity for us all to discover new products, new technologies, new opportunities, and more than anything else, the amazing power of dedicated, inspired people working together toward a common goal. Here are some of the fun excitement and memories of this great event.

AMBITION 2015 Awards, Photos and News

Ambition 2014 Logo

AMBITION 2014: Break Through

AMBITION 2014 truly broke through to a whole new level. An outstanding collection of speakers and trainers inspired and instructed attendees on how to turn their goals into reality, and Ambit’s executives unveiled breaking news about new markets, the latest promotion and exciting technology. Of course, there was time for fun, too, with the Consultants rallying to win our first-ever kickball game 5-4, an elegant “Great Gatsby” themed party and honors for our outstanding Consultants. It will be a challenge, but we’re already working to top this year’s event in 2015.

AMBITION 2014 Awards, Photos and News

Ambition 2013 Logo

AMBITION 2013: Reach Further

Thanks to our determined Consultants, Ambit has recently set some game-changing benchmarks – surpassing $1 billion in annual revenue, exceeding 1 million Customers and being ranked as the 14th largest direct selling company in the world.

AMBITION 2013 kept this momentum rolling. Our breakout sessions, guest speakers and special events all empowered our Consultants to defy limitations, seize their potential and “Reach Further.” The can’t-miss event filled Dallas’ biggest and best venues with breaking announcements, industry insight, networking, excitement and results-focused programs bound to enhance success. Check out our Photo Galleries to see what a great time everyone had, and remember, it’s not too soon to start thinking about AMBITION 2014.

AMBITION 2013 Recap

Ambition 2012 Logo

AMBITION 2012: Take Charge!

When we look back on AMBITION 2012, so many words come to mind — especially those like “biggest,” “best” and “greatest!”

We want to thank all of our outstanding Consultants, our remarkable speakers and special guests, AMBITION 2012 Award Winners plus everyone from Corporate, Customer Care and Consultant Support who made this year our biggest, best and greatest event ever!

AMBITION 2012 Recap

Ambition 2011 Logo

AMBITION 2011: Turn It On

Our biggest and most power-packed AMBITION yet, AMBITION 2011 set a new standard for business-building training, exciting announcements, engaging events and high impact surprises. We‘ve set our sights on taking on our most inspiring challenges for the upcoming year with announcements of our newest markets.

Ambition 2010 Logo

AMBITION 2010: Taking It to the Next Level

AMBITION 2010 marked another record-breaking year as everyone with Ambit Energy rallied and took success to the next level. Consultants raised their goals and growth expectations even higher with four days of events, announcements, training and more.

Ambition 2009 Logo

AMBITION 2009: Share the Vision

AMBITION continues to grow as AMBITION 2009 set a landmark attendance record and included three days of training and events.

Ambition 2008 Logo

AMBITION 2008: Pure Energy

Held at the Anatole Hotel in Dallas, AMBITION 2008 was a tour-de-force of celebration and recognition.

Ambition 2007 Logo

AMBITION 2007: Discover the Power Within

AMBITION 2007 was our inaugural annual company-wide event, held just south of Austin, Texas.